Thursday, 10 June 2010

New Projects

Recently we have been asked to start a new project for Android using Eclipse. We are trying to incorporate a Bluetooth feature to an existing app project made by the Viking. This means we have had to go through some tutorials for Eclipse and Android to enable us to develop the project whilst gaining knowledge about this process. Whilst going through these tutorials- it has been a hard task because of many problems using both the software and our lack of experience. But it seems as though we have started to grasp how to use the software. The lack of the Bluetooth feature on the Emulator has been an issue and the developer phone we have bought is not up to scratch.

Recently, we have had the aid of Mr Rob Falla who has visited a few times for this project, and he joined in with our CRC session and added a valuable insight into his ideas for the project. This has been helpful because it is always useful to get someone else's point of view on different subjects. He also passed on some of his knowledge to us about different areas of Business and questioned our ideas to make us think in more detail about the situation.

We have also bought a projector in this time so we can show our work and our ideas to the rest of the team (and the World Cup) but Phil chose a Clearco- mistake. The image is blurry, it won't connect to macs and won't connect properly to the windows laptop. It is poorly made, has limited functions, bulky and overall a bad purchase. In preparation for the projector, we had to rearrange the room and it was surprisingly spacious, and looks much nicer. Lewis did have a different idea for the room but it was quickly dismissed by Mel after the words "beer" and "fridge" were mentioned.

Friday is the big day (unfortunately) as we are starting Cambridge Regional College for our course to compliment the work we are doing at the office. Ben and Phil have got an exam this day so they will not be attending on the day. Luckily there is work for them to do online so they can catch up. There will be a limited amount of work done next month because of the World Cup. Come on England!!!