Friday, 21 May 2010

Back again

Moment of the week: Lewis failing to pronounce the word Chinese and instead mumbling a load of rubbish.

A while has past and its time for a new post. It has been about three weeks and we have been progressing with our project for the car display. We also had another business fair, but this time it was in Ely. With some previous experience under our belts we were all telling more confident about the day ahead. The venue was smaller but we still were able to talk with many different people about the company, and they were interested in what we were trying to do with the company. The only bad points of the day was the lack of parking and that Lewis had some seeds stolen from him. From these businesses fairs we have learnt lessons of how to talk to possible customers for us all (even though most of the people talking to us were trying to sell us things at our own stand). Overall we feel that these have been great experiences for us, and taught us an important part of business.

Meanwhile our biggest part of work has been working on the display for the car. We have made improvements on the looks of it and we are gradually improving the system. We are also starting to get to grips with python and pygames which is quickly becoming frustrating, but there is a satisfying feeling when the problems are rectified.

There have also been many events in this time and people have been on holiday and it has been interesting to see what the office is like when different people are out. It is weird to see what the different people bring to our group. We have also had some visitors too and we have been given more information on other areas.

It would seem that it is settling down for us all now and we have all settled in and have got comfortable with the work we are learning. It is important though that we continue to get on with the work and look to progress. With growing interest from different companies and even the government, it is important to keep focused so we are successful in the future and can progress and grow.

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