Thursday, 8 April 2010

Week 6

Moment of the week: Lewis finally passed his driving test! After 4 tries.

Monday was a Bank Holiday so we didn't have work.

Tuesday came along and after a 4 day weekend we were all rearing to go. We started off by talking about twitter badges and sorted out lines of code. This continued until lunchtime. After lunch, a man from a certain web based poll came in and spoke to us. For Tom, the chat was very short as he came down with the contagious skivitis as he left earlier than the rest of us, along with Carl who was his taxi.

On Wednesday we continued with the badges using Dashcode. We found this very frustrating as the code was some what difficult to get to grips with, as such we are still continuing with this. We also continued with the virtualisation project we had been working on, where we had to describe the effects and the cost of using this method.

Thursday (today) was a very interesting day as only 3 apprentices were there throughout the morning. Lewis had his driving test and another apprentice agreed to give him a lift from the test centre, who's car then broke down. Meanwhile Mel and 2 other apprentices went to a local radio station to pre-record an interview about the apprenticeship programme. When Lewis turned up we congratulated him and then proceeded to cook lunch. After a lunch break of football and yet more fifa, we continued with the virtualisation project and working on regexp.

Lunch Menu:

Tuesday - Sausage and Mashed potatoes
Wednesday - McDonalds and Dominoes
Thursday - Pie and chips

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