Thursday, 11 March 2010

Second week

Quote of the week: "I'm not gay"- Ben Chaffe

On Monday we came to work ready to continue with our barcode idea. We attempted to install the Android Scripting Environment, but came up with many problems. We then proceeded to do another CRC session where we recapped what we had talked about in the previous week. In the Afternoon two leather sofa's were delivered and we had an awkward time trying to get the large one up the stairs.
Tuesday started on a more successful note as we finally got the software installed after one of the apprentices found the solution at home on Monday night. In the afternoon three men turned up with photography gear. We felt awkward. We were forced into action poses that were very unnatural and uncomfortable. The main photographer couldn't remember our names so he gave us nicknames:
Superman- Phil
Old Navy- Ben
... - Lewis
Emma- Emma
Guy In Blue- Carl
White Tie - Louis
You- Tom
After a few photos, Mel was brought into the shots. A natural. After several dozen action shots we were taken outside for a team photo, and got into superhero positions. It was just about to rain and was very cold. Wet.
Then wednesday came, and we tried to find the code for our new application that would allow us to use an external video source on the emulator. After lunch we watched youtube videos including "Charlie the Unicorn" and the remix of "Charlie Bit Me" this lightened our moods and we sat around and worked together on using the emulator.
Today- Thursday, Mel went to collect Dave, our wages and also our lunch. We were left alone for a good part of 3 hours. Work was done.
During the week we discussed a team building day. We created a poll on Facebook which we could vote for our preferred activity. Unfortunately, it was a public poll and people that we don't know voted on it anonymously as if they thought they were part of the team. We have now decided that a poll on the whiteboard would be easier after finding out the hard way.

This weeks lunches:
Monday- We had a Swedish breakfast which consisted of Sausages, Bacon, Rösti, Beans, Tomato and Mushrooms and coke.
Tuesday- Stir fry.
Wednesday- Chicken Pie and Chips
Thursday- Subway.

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