Thursday, 25 March 2010

Week Four, Month one complete.

Week Four started off with a Monday, of course.

Everyone clambered into the Studio for another week of "intense' programming. We were told this week we would be mainly focusing on our preparations for the Cambridgeshire Premier Business Fair that we will attend on thursday, 22nd of April. We managed all our tasks we needed to complete into an order of priority onto the whiteboard. For the On-coming days the whiteboard would be the focus point of most of our work. We needed to contact suppliers about banners, post it notes, business cards, leaflets and shirts. We went about this by searching each necessary criteria on the FSB (Federation of Small Business's) directory, and filled in our white board table.

Tuesday took a turn for the worst for a certain Apprentice, when an ill-advised Facebook status led to the inevitable bombardment of innuendo's and witty remarks as soon as he stepped foot inside the studio. This soon blew over as our first task was set. We were told we had to focus on the banner design for the Business Fair, which entailed a lot of deliberating about what would catch a customers eye and what information we wanted to say about the company. After lunch Mel asked us to assist him with fixing some software he had that required a UTC timezone, it would crash if it was not changed before daylight savings, Sunday... the pressure was on.

Wednesday came quickly, we already had some preset tasks that still needed completion and we cracked onto it straight away. We eventually had our table near to completion with a list of suppliers, prices and contact details, all that was left was to pick and choose the best one which suited our needs. Finally we had three banner designs, the designs were rough, but we had them :).

Thursday.. Pay Day!
We all piled into the studio for our last day, to finish off a whole month, of being SrumiT Apprentice's. Our table was finally complete, we had a wider range of suppliers and a clearer idea of which one's we were going to choose. Also we stumbled across a few solutions for the UTC time zone issue and towards the end of the day, we started on it.

Lunch Menu, Week Four:

Monday: Enchilada's
Tuesday: Pie and Chips
Wednesday: Pasta Bake
Thursday: Subway

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