Thursday, 18 March 2010

Week three finished

A new week ahead and we were given yet more new challenges. On Monday we all arrived to find Linux Computers in place of the Macs. This was because of the new project that we had been asked to complete. Mel believed that the successful completion of this project would help us to learn and have a better understanding of python. The program was 'Guido van Robot' or GvR. Tasked with doing 18 lessons, each of which increased in difficulty, to teach us the different ways to direct the application and control the program with a series of coded instructions. The aim of the lessons was to input the correct instructions to control the movement and direction of a robot named Guido. The lessons provided a scenario and a pre-determined path which our instructions had to follow. Guido was represented on screen as an arrow on a grid enclosed by impenetrable walls. This project was designed to help us understand how the programming language python works as GvR involves using the same statements as the afore mentioned language. On the first day we completed all the basic lessons, and understood the different concepts of the program. We all got to the stage where we could link the different instructions, and we were using the if, else, elif and while instructions.

On Tuesday, we carried on where we left off, then progressed to doing GvR lessons which were far more complex. These new tasks involved more thought, and also involved using many loop instructions. For the latter part of the lessons we had to think about the many different problems that came up. We found the solutions to these problems involved successfully linking the different instructions together to create algorithms. As the projects got larger, we faced another problem with the monitor screen size. This was an issue as we could not see all of what was happening in the programs so we were not always sure that they were successful!

By Wednesday we had all got to the final stages of the lessons, both personally, and as a team. Although we did each lesson singularly, any time a problem arouse we each suggested ideas as possible solutions. Fairly early on in the day we all finished and talked about the different ways we had completed the lessons. With these lessons we started to get an understanding of what would be required in writing programs in python, and the issues that we would have to think about. Even though this was challenging it was interesting and the fact we had successfully created these programs gave us a small sense of real achievement. While we were finishing this, Mel had invited Andrew to check on our progress and we all had a meeting with the both of them so they could check how we were doing with the work.

After checking that everything was fine for everyone on the team, Mel set us another task. The Huntingdon Business Fair 2010 takes place in the near future and we had to start thinking now about what will be needed. We proceeded to brainstorm and chart on the white-board about all the different things that would be needed in order to ensure the successful promotion and advertising of ScrumIT.

Thursday was a little uncomfortable for some of us. We had to take the next step by contacting local businesses and obtaining prices on all the different items we need for the fair - and this is still ongoing. However, we had to call a halt to this in the afternoon because of a visit by Jo Hinson from the regional college. This occupied the rest of the afternoon - signing papers, and checking forms so that we can start our course in the near future (end of April or start of May).

This weeks lunches:
Monday- Made our own pizza
Tuesday- Beans on Toast and a fried egg
Wednesday- Subway :-)
Thursday- Spag Bol

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